Russian light

The company offers the widest range of lighting fixtures for home, office, retail and industrial premises as well as for street lighting and decorative illumination.

Phone: +7 (351) 210-51-70,210-51-71

Address: Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk tract, 1 / f (map)

New World

Suggested products:

1.Svetodiodnye fixtures for interior and architectural lighting. 2. Lamps for lighting offices and commercial premises. 3. Chandeliers, sconces from more than 100 catalogs. 4. Sockets, switches produced in Europe: A NEW ANAM, ABB, Legrand, Gira and others

Phone: 8 (351) 77-62-4-62; 8-904-305-9006

Address: Chelyabinsk, ul. Enthusiasts, 11, office 212, 2nd Floor (map)

Center of the world

Lamps and accessories;

Lamps for interior lighting;

Floodlights for outdoor lighting, lamps and outdoor gardens and parks, as well as we offer a sauna lamps, lamps of various modifications (cordless, battery-powered, LED, forehead), wiring tools and related products.

Phone: +7 (351) 211-29-86

Address: Chelyabinsk, ul. Marx, 73 (map)

Formula Light

Types of fixtures:




Table lamps


Wall and ceiling

Pendant lights



Street lights

Phone: +7 (351) 777-15-15

Address: Chelyabinsk, ul. 40 Victory, 35 (map)


We have products domestic and international fixtures of various types:

• Wall, ceiling and recessed lighting fixtures for homes and public buildings;

• Lighting for kitchens, bathrooms and children`s rooms;

• LED and fluorescent lighting,

• Weatherproof lamps and lanterns for street lighting.

Phone: +7 (351) 247-98-01

Address: Chelyabinsk, ul. Marx, 54, of. 213 (map)


Outdoor lighting


Wall fixtures, social, suspended

Fluorescent luminaires, park

Suspended luminaires, industrial, alarm, emergency

Phone: +7 (351) 791-62-26, 791-46-85

Address: Chelyabinsk, Pobeda, 168, of.209 (map)

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